You can ride ROCO in Linköping!

We’re excited to announce you can now ride ROCO at i-HUSET in Linköping.

Västra Svedengatan 7,

Developed and produced in Sweden, ROCO is the world’s first interactive roller coaster experience. It allows users to create their own roller coaster track and then ride it as a two-minute immersive adventure. There are over 15 ROCO locations around the world, with more and more coming all the time.

HOw does ROCO work?

Choose your world

Pick the setting where ROCO will virtually build your simulated roller coaster.

Draw your own track

Use ROCO’s touchscreen to design a route for your roller coaster’s track to follow.

Enjoy the ride!

Sit back as ROCO’s immersive technology creates a unique, thrilling experience.